STEMS Player / Manual


Opens the multi-track view.


Opens the mixer console.


Open the vinyl turntable.


Tap once to open the effects controls, tap a second time to open the detail effect settings.

Beat Jump

Turn Beat Jump on or off (when enabled its neon is orange). After turning Beat Jump on, scratch the waveform or vinyl record to instantly jump forward or backwards in your track in time with the BPM. Adjust the speed of Beat Jump in Effects View.

Music Library

Opens the music library.

Play Button

Tap once to begin playing tracks. Double tap to slowly begin playing from a low tempo/pitch to normal speed.

Pause Button

Tap once to pause tracks. Double tap to slowly begin pausing, winding down to a low pitch/tempo.

Cue Button

By default, the main cue is automatically set to the beginning of the track.</p> <p>To manually set the main cue, first pause the track, then tap to the blinking cue button to set the cue to the current play position.</p> <p>To use the cue, press and hold the cue button to play a track starting from the cue point. If the track is currently paused, it will pause again after letting go of the cue button. If track is currently playing, it will continue playing after letting go of the cue button.</p> <p>A white dot on the waveform shows the main cue position.

Loop Button

Press the loop button once to create a loop. By default the loop length is one measure/bar determined by the BPM.</p> <p>To manually set a loop length, under Settings, choose Manual under Loop Length. If setting a loop manually, you tap first for the start of the loop and tap again for the end of the loop.</p> <p>Loop controls are located in the Effects View and are visible when a loop is on. A loop can be moved with the hot cues, main cue, or tone arm movements in the Turntable View.</p> <p>Tap the loop button a final time to release the loop.

After opening the Music Library the first time, you will be prompted to allow access to your device’s Music Library.  After confirming that you grant permission the app will beginning importing your tracks into STEMS Player.

You will also be prompted to choose whether to download demo STEM tracks.  We recommend downloading them.

Then you are presented with a list of playlists from your music library and a special folder called Tracks that appears at the top.  This playlist contains every track in your collection.

You can choose to sort your playlists by Name (the default) or by # (the number of tracks in the playlist).

You can tap any playlist to go into it.

When you are in the playlist track list you can tap any of the column headers (Name, Time (track length), Artist, Genre, BPM, or Comments).  Tapping on a track will open the track and begin playing it.

This is about the mixer.

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