The multi-track view provides a visual overview of the audio waveforms, loop, beat jump, and hot cue positions. From here, quickly mute or solo individual tracks or jog and beat jump the audio by moving the waveform.


The mixing console displays meters for each track and provides controls for track volumes, panning, and app settings. Plus it provides quick access to the independent multi-track effects for each STEM track.


The turntable lets you scratch all four tracks, reproducing many of the the subtle dynamics of old-school vinyl mixing. Or experience the next generation of turntable techniques by turning on Beat Jump and scratching the vinyl record!


The effects area features a selection of audio effects, equalizers, and filters that can be easily enabled and adjusted. Set up to 6 hot cue points, or customize Beat Jump to get the perfect beat. Effects can be applied to the individual tracks and controlled independently on each separate track. Tap the effects button a second time to get advanced configuration options to customize each effect even more to your liking.


Tap the loop button and the automatic beat detection will create perfect loops, or choose full control and manually create loops. Easily make loops smaller or bigger, in real-time, creating build-ups and other transitions.  Use the loop adjustment tools and hot cue techniques to smoothly create original remixes.  The loop features all seamlessly work together in a delightfully user-friendly interface!

Experience the Power of STEMS

STEMS Player is a cutting-edge audio player for iPad and iPhone.  It features BPM detection, tonal waveform drawing, vinyl record scratching, solo/mute functions, independent track effects, a music library with search functionality, innovative beat jumping, looping, hot cues, and more.

  • Compatible with .stem.mp4 format
  • Compatible with Audiobus
  • Independent effects for each track
  • 44.1 KHz/32-bit audio
  • Automatic beat detection

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